The conference previously scheduled for June 8-10 will now be provided through a series of online events. Please stay tuned for additional information


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Spotlight on: Fabric and RapidSOS

Spotlight on: Avail MedSystems and Leaf Logistics


Transportation, Supply Chains, and Global Economies

Alex Kendall

A Deep Learning Framework for Visual Scene Understanding

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Attendance at TTI/Vanguard closed-door conferences, workshops, and regional meetings.

TTI/Vanguard Library

In conjunction with each session, members receive recently published books, chosen to extend on the ideas and topics being addressed. The aggregate of this collection is an impressive library that provides members with additional perspectives on issues covered in the sessions.


Several weeks prior to each TTI/Vanguard conference, members receive copies of articles and papers relating to upcoming session topics. These preconference readings complement the conferences and enable attendees to participate actively in formal and informal discussions.

Conference Highlights and Citations

Days after each TTI/Vanguard conference, attendees receive summaries of the speakers' presentations and associated citations. These "trip reports" are available for circulation and discussion throughout member organizations.

Reinforcement Papers (Postconference)

Members receive comprehensive reports from each conference within seven weeks after each session. Reinforcement Papers synthesize key themes and provide expanded summaries from the meetings. Ideas are cross-indexed to previous TTI/Vanguard sessions for thorough referencing.

Field Trips

TTI/Vanguard field trips present opportunities for members to visit the world's leading research institutes and development laboratories. Held in conjunction with several conferences throughout the year, these field trips allow members to preview new technologies and high payoff applications years in advance of their market entry.


During the conference, members have immediate access to speaker slides. Within days of each meeting, audio and slide presentations from each session are posted in the Member Archives. Members have access to this multimedia knowledge base, which also includes related pre- and post-conference papers and reports. Materials are cross-indexed and fully searchable. Conference materials are also available to members via RSS feeds and podcasts.


Executive workshops, led by content experts, are one-day seminars conducted for TTI/Vanguard members. Workshops typically focus on the role and influence of new technologies on current and future management and business issues.

TTI/Vanguard LinkedIn Group

Members have access to TTI/Vanguard's LinkedIn group. This LinkedIn group is intended as a "place" to ideate, collaborate, and communicate outside our conference venues throughout the year. LinkedIn group members post articles, questions, and comments, including links to blogs, that they feel will be of interest to others within TTI/Vanguard's community. Postings include ideas about advanced technologies across all technological, scientific, and engineering domains.

[next] Day 1 (2013) was my favorite TTI day ever. The speakers transported us to the future, with innovative personalized technologies ranging from entertainment to transportation to health care.

David Bader, Executive Director of High Performance Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology

Partial List of Members

TTI/Vanguard's member organizations represent global private, public, and academic sectors. This diversity brings an unequaled richness of perspective and experience to TTI/Vanguard’s forums.

BMW Group
Bose Corporation
Boston Consulting Group
CAE Inc.
Citi Ventures
Charles Schwab
Comcast Corporation
CSAA Insurance Group (AAA)
Department of Agriculture
Enterra Solutions, LLC.
Federal Reserve Board
FedEx Corporation
Hyundai CRADLE

IHI, Inc.
Institute for Defense
Johns Hopkins University
Johnson & Johnson
Kimberly Clark
L3Harris Technologies, Inc
Lutron Electronics Company Inc.
MedStar Health
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
MITRE Corporation
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
National Institute of Informatics
National Research Foundation, Singapore

NBC Universal, Inc.
NEC Corporation
NetApp, Inc.
Northern Trust Asset Management
Northrop Grumman Corporation
NTT Data Corporation
NTT DOCOMO Ventures, Inc.
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Procter & Gamble Company
TD Ameritrade
T-Systems Multimedia Solutions
U.S. Census Bureau
University of Maryland
W. W. Grainger Inc.

This was my first time. It was excellent. Superbly well run. Very thought provoking and engaging speakers (I had intended to get some work done, but ended up listening to the speakers all day!!!). Job well done!  

Bart Paulhamus, Information Scientist, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory


Organizations join TTI/Vanguard for early warnings about breakthrough and potentially disruptive technologies; a challenging vision of the future; and the power of our network.

TTI/Vanguard membership is based on an annual subscription fee. 

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Lisa Yao

Chief Executive Officer
+1 (310) 394 8305, ext. 222

General and Membership Inquiries

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Future Meetings

Questions and comments regarding topics and speakers.


Hotel Information

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741 Tenth Street
Santa Monica, CA 90402
P: +1 310 394 8305
F: +1 310 451 2104

It was by far the best conference I've been to in my 30 years in the industry!

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I'm inspired.

Brooks Tobey, Senior Vice President, Strategic Systems and Emerging Technology, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.


Lisa Yao

Chief Executive Officer

Picture of Steve Cherry

Steven Cherry


Picture of Kelly Baughman


VP, Business Development


Joy Boston

VP, Sales


Bryan Fox

Director of Marketing

Picture of Robin Lockett

Robin Lockett

Director, Global Meetings

Picture of Claudia Miklas


Director, Member Services


Nancy Kleinrock

Senior Writer


Tony Shaw


Past Speakers

Michael Hayden, Sep 2018
Bruce Schneier, Sep 2018
Tian Li, Sep 2018
Roger McNamee, Mar 2018
Mary Lou Jepsen, Dec 2017
Michael Stonebraker, 免费ss加速器下载

Ben Horowitz, Feb 2017
Elan Kriegel, Feb 2017
Mike Cassidy, Dec 2016
Danielle Wuchenich, Dec 2016
Doug Emlen, Sep 2016
Rodolphe Gelin, Jul 2016

Geoffrey West, May 2016
Ray Ozzie, May 2016
Kyle Roche, May 2016
Ken Stanley, 免费ss加速器下载
Patty McCord, Sep 2015
Jolijt Tamanaha, Sep 2015

Vitalik Buterin, miaoss妙速加速器 网址
Ben Wellington, Jul 2015
Chris White, Jul 2015
K. Venkatesh Prasad, May 2015
Carver Mead, Feb 2015
Amanda Randles, 免费ss加速器下载

Past Events
  • Ubiquitous AI

    Jun 2nd - Jun 23rd 2023


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  • Field Trip: A Virtual Interval with the Long Now Foundation

    May 26th 2023


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  • NowGaming iOS:Find games to your iOS device. Games for iOS Browse through the latest games for iOS

    May 5th 2023

    Zoom Webinar

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  • 草莓ss加速器


    Mar 2nd - Mar 4th 2023

    Four Seasons Hotel


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  • miaoss妙速加速器 网址

    Dec 2nd - Dec 4th 2023

    Hotel Nikko

    San Francisco

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  • Blockchain and Other Networks

    Sep 11th - Sep 13th 2023

    Mandarin Oriental


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